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Nokia theme editor S60 3.1 [Freeware/English]
12 Septembrie 11, 21:30

Denumire: Nokia theme editor S60
Versiune: 3.1
Licenţa: Freeware
Sistem de operare: Windows
Limba: English

Despre program: Product Description:
Carbide.ui has been designed with the creative professional in mind. It allows
the S60 UI to be customized with full WYSIWYG layout, without the need for layout
definition coding or specialized mobile design experience. In addition,
Carbide.ui can be integrated with a wide range of creative graphic and audio
packages, allowing designers to work with their favorite tools.

Carbide.ui Theme Edition creates S60 themes that alter the appearance of the S60
UI. Themes can be created, edited, and viewed easily. Once a theme has been
created, the tool will package it into a Symbian OS installation file and
prepare it for OMA DRM protection, if required, after which it will be ready
for deployment to devices.

Main features:
- Create a theme package from scratch
- Create a theme by mixing ready-made components and/or self-created ones
- Preview a previously created theme
- Edit a previously created theme (ready-made SIS packages cannot be edited;
 the source file is required)

System Requirements:
- Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2 or Microsoft Windows XP Home SP2
- 512 MB RAM minimum
- 430 MB disk space
- 1.5 GHz or faster processor
- Display supporting 16-bit color at 1280x1024

- Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2 or Microsoft Windows XP Home SP2
- 2 GB RAM minimum
- 430 MB disk space
- 2.8 GHz or faster processor
- Display supporting 24-bit color at 1280x1024
- Sound card

 By default, configuration is optimized for 1GB (or more) of RAM machines.
 Depending on the hardware, tweaking parameter -Xmx (maximum memory used)
 could bring reasonable improvements.  

 For users with 512MB or RAM proper value should be in range from -Xmx256m to
 Instruction: edit $INSTALL_FOLDER\Eclipse\eclipse.ini file, and change
 -Xmx768m to -Xmx256m, save the file and restart the tool.

Compatibility Issues:
- Theme packages created with the tool are compatible with phones
 based on S60 Platform 2nd Edition Feature Pack 2 (S60 Platform 2nd Edition,
 S60 2nd Edition Feature Pack 1), S60 Platform 2nd Edition Feature Pack 3,
 S60 Platform 3rd Edition and S60 Platform 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1. The
 compatible platform release is decided in the sis packaging phase of theme
 creation. Note that different platform versions may support different theme

Known Problems and Limitations:
- Animated layers & effects: Preview of animation and behavior on the phone may
 differ. Some of the elements on the first (background) layer do not support
 all of the effects.
- Problems when opening workspace edited with former versions of Eclipse.
 Known Eclipse defect.

 Workaround: Metadata folder of existing workspace should be cleared, no need
 to delete existing projects from the workspace. All folders inside Eclipse\Config
 folder should be cleared, except config.ini file which must not be edited
 or removed.

- Eclipse workspace path should not contain non-ASCII characters, beaninfo vm
 may fail because the URL is not constructed properly.

- Tool may not work properly for projects containing non-ASCII characters running
 on non-unicode platforms.
- Linking project path is case sensitive

- Platform doesn't support using embedded bitmaps (png, jpeg, bmp) inside svg.

Minor issues:
- SVG elements that contain arcto constructs (A) in the path data are not
 supported. When such SVG image is deployed to phone, user may experience
 that it is partly or completely blank.

 Workaround: Convert arcto to curveto(C) or other path constructs, such as
 lineto (L), moveto (M), etc. that are supported. Some SVG authoring tools offer
 command to "simplify" path(s) which could be used for this task.

- SVG elements that contain multiple referenced attributes under style attribute
 (e.g. *url(#ref_id)) are not supported.

 Workaround: Remove references from style attribute. Referenced attributes are
 caused by multiple attributes under style. To avoid the problem and achieve
 the maximum quality of image, style attributes should removed from style and
 used as xml attributes. e.g. Convert from style="fill=xxx;fill-path=xxx;stroke
 =xxx;stroke-width=xxx;" to fill="xxx" fill-path="xxx" etc. For more details:

- When Optimize or Colorize is set to true, during processing alpha-channel is lost
 i.e. image gets black borders

- In rare cases old theme projects should be recreated because some information is
 missing from the tdf file

- Effects: The following effect settings might be shown differently on the phone than
 showed in tool preview.
a) Animation might not work if defined on the first layer
b) Solarize effect with threshold value around 255
c) Noise
d) Contrast effect with intensity value set to -255

Copyright © 2006 Nokia Corporation. All rights reserved.

Nokia and Nokia Connecting People are registered trademarks of Nokia Corporation.
Other product and company names mentioned herein may be trademarks or trade names
of their respective owners.
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Название:Nokia theme editor S60 3.1 [Freeware/English]
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Добавлено: 12 Septembrie 11


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