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Maya Tutorials (Mini Gnomon Collection)
29 Iulie 11, 11:10
Denumirea originală: Maya Tutorials (Mini Gnomon Collection)

Denumire: Maya Tutorials (Mini Gnomon Collection)

An: 2005-2007

Regizor: Maya Tutorials (Mini Gnomon Collection)

Durata: 17h

Limba: English

Despre lecţii: Body Modeling for Games

Low Poly Modeling with Mayan Escalante

Creating characters for games presents many challenges for the 3D

artist. Issues such as poly count, flexibility of the rig, art direction, and the game

environment itself will dictate the final look of the character. In this DVD, Mayan

continues from the head model and design used in Head Modeling for Games,

demonstrating the tools and techniques used to create low polygon characters.

Topics such as working from a concept design, poly count, scripts, props and

topology are discussed.

Character Animation for Games

Animation Techniques with Robert Coddington

This lecture is an introduction to character animation as it relates to

video games and interactive media. Robert takes you step-by-step through the

basics of Maya, its animation tools, the graph editor and dynamic character posing.

He guides you through the animation of simple, yet expressive game-style assets,

demonstrating simple loops and transitions and creating a run cycle. As an added

bonus, this DVD also includes a professional quality character rig so you can follow

along and get started animating in Maya right away.

Pipelines for Video Game Animation

Character Animation Techniques with Scott Easley

Scott Easley takes you through the process of constructing a character

animation pipeline in Maya that will allow you to constantly improve and update

your characters without adversely affecting any of the existing animations. Scott

also shows you how to use the Trax animation editor from the ground up and how

to build a library of animation actions which you can then use to block-out more

complex character animations. Included on this DVD are tutorials, a sample rig,

blend shapes for facial set-ups, character texture maps, custom tools, shelves,

poses and a Maya project to get you on your way.

Matchmoving: Object Tracking in Production

Object Tracking Techniques with Tim Dobbert

In visual effects work, it is common to have an element in the

live-action footage that needs to be tracked. This is often the case when

you need to add an effect to an actor's face, attach a CG object to a moving

vehicle, or even add lip sync to an animal's performance. In this DVD, Tim

Dobbert shows you how to track an object's motion using matchmoving

software. You'll learn how to use the solution to drive an object's animation

in Maya and how to properly evaluate your results. He'll also show you

advanced object tracking techniques such as how to solve for an object's

motion when the camera is also in motion, and how to invert the camera's

motion with that of the object. Tim uses a variety of software packages

including Maya, Boujou, MatchMover and After Effects.

Head Modeling for Games

Low Poly Modeling with Mayan Escalante

3D game artists are faced with certain restrictions when creating

models for use in real-time. Game hardware, art direction and development time

all have an impact. It is the challenge of the 3D artist to make interesting and

visually believable characters while dealing with these restrictions. This DVD

covers the creation of a low polygon model of a head for a game environment.

Topics such as polygon component modeling, poly count, scripts and facial

anatomy are discussed.


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Video: 2005-2007

Sunet: Maya Tutorials (Mini Gnomon Collection
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Название:Maya Tutorials (Mini Gnomon Collection)
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