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Tarzan II /Tarzan II [RO subbed]
24 Iunie 11, 09:05

Denumirea originală: Tarzan II [RO subbed]

Denumire: Tarzan II

An: 2005

Regizor: Brian Smith

Durata: 72 mins

Limba: English

Despre film: The film opens in the jungle just after the
scene in the original movie where young Tarzan is wondering where he
fits in with his ape family. We pick up the young tyke during a reprise
of Phil Collins’ Son Of Man song, with Tarzan practising his not so
stealth-like skills and causing more commotion than respect among his
adopted ape family, especially Kerchak, who still has feelings of
resentment and distrust toward the young human. When Tarzan
inadvertently puts his mother in danger, he feels he’s let the whole
family down and runs away, where he finds the mysterious, and supposedly
evil Zugor, who unsurprisingly turns out to be simply a warm old grump.
But when a dissident group of gorillas, Mama Gunda and her
dumb-as-usual sidekick boys Uto and Kago, find out that Zugor isn’t as
all-powerful as everyone thought, the young boy must prove that he is
ready to grow up and take responsibility for his actions…


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Название:Tarzan II /Tarzan II [RO subbed]
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Добавлено: 24 Iunie 11


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